Music Premiere: Chateau Chateau Unveils “Converted”

Chateau Chateau

Photo: Jeaninne Kaufer

Tucson, Arizona-based indie-pop outfit Chateau Chateau, guided by Bleu and Alex, introduces their new single, “Converted,” a track lifted from their upcoming LP, Grow Up, slated to drop in May via Kill Rock Stars.

Speaking to the track, Bleu shares, “‘Converted’ is the third single off our upcoming album, Grow Up. This album tells my coming-of-age story, which is full of trauma, addiction, mental illness, and toxic relationships. This song is the more fun side to me, as it tells the story of a man, I briefly dated, who told all of our friends he converted me from a lesbian. He sincerely thought it was true. He also only told his parents things about me he knew they’d hate. I felt like that token gay friend getting shown off like a trophy. He wanted to rebel and date the edgy, cool tattooed person, and unfortunately, that was me. I could do no wrong in his eyes. ‘Converted’ makes a joke of the situation, ‘Tell them all it was your big shiny smile,’ while simultaneously addressing ‘being gay isn’t a choice to be had.’ So many other queer people have been through something similar, so it was fun to make a song we can all dance and laugh together to. It’s unfortunate being walked around like a show pony by your partner, or even friends, so hopefully, some of the culprits hear this song and realize that too!”

Formed in 2018, Chateau Chateau makes indie-pop music for weirdos, outcasts, queer folks, and anyone else who needs it, morphing things “traditionally ugly, abstract, and leftover” into magnificent appearances.

Chateau Chateau burst onto the music scene with the release of their debut single, “Crisis Party,” followed by gaining a reputation for flashy, extravagant performances with as many as nine people on stage, caparisoned in ostentatious self-designed costumes.

Bleu explains, “We’re a bunch of introverts that dress up like extroverts and get up on stage and dance around. We want to keep making a safe space for people to come and boogie and be weird.”

“Converted” opens on an elegant piano surrounded by swirling colors, and then rolls into an upbeat pop tune riding a bouncy rhythm. Bleu’s deliciously evocative voice imbues the lyrics with tongue-in-cheek humor. A shimmering breakdown plunges the tune to low-slung, percolating tones, followed by ramping back up to captivating leitmotifs.

Blending innovative indie-pop coloration and a catchy rhythm with Bleu’s seductive voice, at once hypnotic and ironic, “Converted” hits the sweet spot.

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