New Music: Kolohe Kai Releases “I Think You’re Beautiful”

Kolohe Kai

Hawaii-based singer-songwriter Kolohe Kai recently dropped his brand-new reggae-pop single, “I Think You’re Beautiful,” the first song from Kolohe’s forthcoming album slated for release later this year.

Inspired by the overwhelming struggle that our youth face to feel accepted and beautiful, Kolohe Kai’s “I Think You’re Beautiful” is an uplifting song with an empowering anti-bullying message.

Explaining, Kolohe says, “The verbal, emotional and even physical abuse they sadly endure can blind them from seeing the true beauty and value they have. The desire to be accepted is real and many kids don’t feel good enough.”

He goes on, adding, “This song is very special to me. It’s brought me to tears more lately than ever. I think knowing that this song can empower a listener and has the potential to even save a life, humbles me completely. I want my fans to feel beautiful about themselves and I hope this song will help.”

Produced by Imua Garza, the song was recorded at Oahu’s Zeo Music Studios.

For the past 12-years, Kolohe has been releasing music in Hawaii. His intention is to help others through his music. In 2019, he released “Round and Round,” which numerous schools on the islands adopted as their graduation song because of its inspiring significance – surmounting everyday problems.

Kolohe’s previous singles, including “Ehu Girl,” “Cool Down,” and “Dream Girl,” amassed more than 73 million Spotify streams, while “Heartstrings” collected over 15 million streams and “First True Love” reaped more than eight million streams.

“I Think You’re Beautiful” opens on a delicious pop-flavored rhythm, buoyant and warm, as Kolohe’s deluxe tones infuse the lyrics with vibrant energy. Hints of reggae add tasty harmonic accents, while soft, flowing harmonies inject the tune with radiant depth and dimension.


“You think you’re crazy, but I think you’re amazing / You think you’re nothing, but I know you need one thing / Someone to say you’re beautiful / Tell you the things that you should know / You should know, I think you’re beautiful.”

Brimming with tropical colors atop an effervescent beat, “I Think You’re Beautiful” hits the sweet spot.

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