Music Premiere: Dog in a Man Suit Introduces “Last Chance”

Dog in a Man Suit

Photo: Chris Mansfield

Alternative/post-punk outfit Dog in a Man Suit unveils their brand-new single, “Last Chance,” a track lifted from their forthcoming EP, Trapped!, slated for release in the middle of May.

Appearing on “Last Chance” are Billie Seeland (guitar, vocals), Anjali Nair (guitar, vocals, synths), Chris Seeland (bass), and Thomas Colgrove (drums).

Written just after Anjali left her first full-time job, thus providing beaucoup free time to work on new material, instead of burrowing into a creative channel, she was smitten by uncertainty, an uncertainty reflected in the lyrics.

“I want to be free / But I don’t want to break free.”

Anjali says, “There’s an unexpected struggle that comes from getting what you want. Once you have it, reality hits, and there’s a back and forth between trying to be grateful and the immense pressure of limited time.”

Influenced by The Strokes’ album, First Impressions of Earth, which the band listened to incessantly while recording, “Last Chance” blends Anjali’s affinity for atypical chord inversions and unexpected metric shifts with Billie’s predilection for the push of pop-punk energy. It’s a chemistry that obviously works.

“Last Chance” opens on gleaming, strident guitars rolling into a thick, grungy wall of sound. Descending to a hefty, pulsating rhythm topped by Anjali’s voice, displaying delicious, nuanced timbres, the tune rumbles and surges with dirty, shadowy guitars.

Metric shifts and breakdowns imbue the song with unique sonic muscle, as Thomas’ finessed, Jovian percussion infuses the rhythm with brash dynamics. Pay attention to Seeland’s bass, thrumming with subterranean throbs, at once fat and round and heavy.


“Last Chance” is excellent, amalgamating clotted noise punk with hints of harsh shoegaze and even touches of alt-metal on the major breakdown. Dog in a Man Suit has it going on! Their upcoming EP promises to be worth waiting for.

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