Music Video Premiere: Move Like Creatures unveil “Ghost Me”

Ghost Me

Orange County-based indie-pop/indie-rock outfit Move Like Creatures releases their music video, “Ghost Me,” a track from their recently released debut EP, Space Case.

Talking about the song, Move Like Creatures shares, “‘Ghost Me’ is a song we feel anyone can relate to. With how busy everyone is in their own lives it is easy to miss a text/call or forget to respond by accident, it can make or break friendships. This song is from the perspective of that person who responded too late and is now being dosed with silent treatment in retaliation. Basically, the message is don’t let your ego get in the way, life is short so keep friends close and don’t ghost.”

Made up of Nancy Bombard (vocals), Melissa Koziel (drums), Brian Bello (bass), and Ryan Reynolds (guitar), Move Like Creatures formed in the midst of the loneliness and isolation of the pandemic lockdown via Craigslist.

According to Bombard, who placed the ad, “Within a day and a half, I’d heard from Ryan, and I was so excited about the prospect of collaborating with people again that I didn’t even stop to think that it might be dangerous to invite a stranger from the internet over to my house. I ended up hiding a knife under the couch cushion the first time we got together just to be safe.”

Bombard and Reynolds clicked instantly, and soon added Koziel and Bello to the lineup.

Bombard explains, “I feel like the four of us are just these misfits with all these different traumas and struggles and creatures living inside of us, which is where the band’s name comes from. We’ve all been dragged through the mud at some point and gotten back up, but that just makes us value each other even more.”

“Ghost Me” opens on shimmering colors flowing into a gleaming melody full of delicious indie-rock textures tinted with dream-pop savors. The undulating rhythm features the finessed, powerful drumming of Koziel and Bello’s rolling bassline.

Bombard’s voice, velvety and polished to a lush, glossy sheen, infuses the lyrics with dreamy tones, complementing the jangly guitars.


“Ghost Me” pumps out scrumptious layers of chromatic coloration and a contagiously swelling rhythm, all capped by the alluring voice of Nancy Bombard.

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