Music Video Premiere: 1st Base Runner Unveils “Planter”


Austin, Texas-based experimental indie-rock, multi-instrumentalist, and producer 1st Base Runner, aka Tim Husmann, introduces his music video, “Planter,” a track lifted from his recently released third EP, Light Roars.

Light Roars follows on the heels of Seven Years of Silence and Ellis and finds 1st Base Runner evolving and expanding his unique sound, adding live drums and bigger guitars.

Prior to taking a Biblical-length break of seven years, Husmann performed with international acts at elite venues, playing drums, and synths, and arranging electronic live setups. After taking a seven-year hiatus, Husmann announced his return with the aptly named Seven Years of Silence, blending spectral layers of post-punk with his bewitching vocals, at once whispery and rasping, as if from another dimension.

“Planter” opens on Stephen King-like ringing tones, eerie and ominous, as 1st Base Runner’s sandpaper-like voice imbues the lyrics with portentous timbres. Finessed, crunching percussion and a throbbing bassline give the rhythm deep resonance while pulsing synths exude ghostly ripples of sound accented by luminous crying colors.

“I wish I was more like you / Than I could ever be / Wish I was more like you / Than I could ever be / Could ever be / could ever be / I wish I was more just like you every day / I wish I could take it back and go away / I wish I was more just like you every day / Would you let me take you back and make it all ok? / Could you let me be your only one again?”

The video, put together by creative director Dilly Gent and director Heather Gildroy, was shot in black and white and includes shifting, blurred images, giving the visuals a cloying feeling that escalates to freneticism.

Dark and menacing, “Planter” evokes something out of a cosmic Neronianism, haunting and trembling with edgy textures.

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