STAR 3×11 Review: “Watch the Throne”

Before this week’s episode, Alex’s rise to the top on STAR missed one thing: an equally hungry enemy. Enter Gigi. The famous performer and notorious party animal returned to Atlanta to dish out some receipts on Alex and cement her place on the ASA’s radar. The battle for this prestigious award was being set up against these two talented singers. From the shady games they pulled on each other, the war will no doubt get cutthroat from here on out.

Gigi’s progression throughout STAR followed her from rebellious ally to now devious villain. She will do whatever it takes to stay on top, even if it means destroying Alex in the process. I liked this new bad side to her. Everything she did during “Watch the Throne” was a collection of petty moves that exposed her insecurities and hunger for success. Her performance at Gravity Records with the firemen dancers screamed “big spectacle” to get the buzz on social media. And it puts into question whether her album dropping around the same time as Take 3 was a deliberate move to strike against her former friends. Chances are… yes, she did it.

The real enemies to watch out for are her co-managers: her aunts. It’s surprising that Gigi didn’t fire them ages ago, especially since they got her banned from the Source Awards. The aunts came across as momagers who would destroy people if they got in the way of Gigi’s success. They’re lucky that Marcus and Gravity Records didn’t charge them for damaging the office. That could’ve had huge implications against Gigi’s career. Their bad tactics might just be the start for the trouble they’ll cause on STAR.

With the ASA nominations coming up, Gigi will most likely have something brewing up her sleeve. Alex’s move to cut off Gigi’s microphone was a smart play that got her the attention she wanted. All eyes were on her! We have to give Alex credit where credit is due – she can fight fire with fire when pushed. Still, Gigi’s moment of evil respect will only last for a short while. Based on her hatred for Alex, she’s going to make sure she’s the winner in this war.

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Star needs to keep her head down and act like a model prisoner for the next few weeks. The prosecutors and prisoners have something against her, so if she slips up, she’ll be trapped behind bars for far too long and won’t be reunited with her baby. The last two episodes of STAR ended with her singing one of Take 3’s tunes to herself in the room. It’s a heartbreaking and poignant contrast to the superstar career she sought for the last three seasons. Star did all that work so that she wouldn’t end up in a life behind bars. You can’t help but feel sad for her and her predicament.

Simone and Mateo’s campaigning for Atlanta sanctuary is a storyline that seems like it will be a slow burn. They got over the hurdle of trusting each other and earned a key meeting with the city council. However, they still have a long way to go before Angel is allowed back in Atlanta. The problem for this plot, however, will be Mateo’s shady dealings. He’s up to no good with dealing the money and being involved with Xander. All of his backdoor shenanigans might be the reason that this campaign dissolves in flames.

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Speaking of Xander, my money is on Cassie and Maurice finding a way to stop him. Cassie is out for blood, and she wants Xander’s head on a stick for what he did to her nephew. That type of anger will push her to get her queen moment on the victory field of Xander’s arrest. Plus, with her new hot and heavy romance with Maurice, their lovely time together might spell success. Nothing worked before to stop him, so this partnership might do the trick.

Side note: why was Carlotta cool all of a sudden to let Maurice run A&R at Gravity Records? She hates Maurice! His new position seemed too convenient to happen with Carlotta not appearing in “Watch the Throne.” Hopefully, when she does come back, she gives more of an explanation why she allowed him to come back to the label after kicking him out.


Noah’s troubles with Lil Dini never seem to end. Similar to Alex’s feud with Gigi, Noah has someone doing what it takes to steal his spotlight. Noah needed to own his stardom more and embrace his A-list level and constantly focusing on Lil Dini’s antics only brought him down. When he finally stood up to him, we got the take charge, Type-A Noah that we love. Let’s face it, Lil Dini is a wannabe player who won’t even match up to Noah’s talent or class. If Noah keeps letting Lil Dini mess with his mind, it will only drive him deeper into his addiction.

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