STAR 3×15 Review: “Lean on Me”

Star is back in action and hitting the music business road hard. Her time away in jail and in a coma didn’t diminish her ambition, but it did add plenty of new hurdles for her to overcome. The world moved on around her and now she has to catch up. She missed three months of Davis’ life, building her solo career, and fixing the romantic mess that came from Davis’ paternity. It’s no wonder she had a major chip on her shoulder jumping back into this chaotic world. Though, based on the vibe of “Lean on Me,” it’s great to have Star back on STAR. She was sorely missed!

Did Star really think it would be easy for her to perform at superstar levels again? She literally just left a hospital after being in a medical coma, and she hadn’t performed in months. Star needed time to rest and train again. Her body’s resistance to singing forced her to get the required rest. I’m not surprised that she lashed out at Simone and Alex when they focused on her well-being. All Star could think about was performing and staying relevant in the business. To her, Alex and Simone were the enemies preventing her from getting back out there.

Thankfully, she realized her mistake and made peace with her Take 3 sisters. Even with their past drama, Alex and Simone love Star more than anything. They took care of her life while she was gone, and Simone stepped in for motherly duties when Noah fell into his addiction. The ladies have each others’ backs, and when Star reaches her healthy state again, you know she’ll be back on that stage ready to dominate. I can’t wait for her phoenix moment – she’ll rise from the ashes like a queen.

On the man front, however, Star’s landscape was still disastrous. Jax will need a lot of time to get over the sting of finding out that Noah is Davis’ father. Though, you can tell that STAR was setting up an eventual reunion between him and Star from the way he brought up being just friends “right now.” They’re totally going to get back together and I will be here for it.

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Noah, on the other hand, has to get over his own personal demons before Star will let him back into Davis’ life. After everything she and Simone went through with their own mother, it’s understandable why Star didn’t want Noah anywhere around Davis. Plus, the fact that Noah almost let Davis die during his blackout didn’t help his cause. I liked that Star is learning from her past and doing whatever she can to make sure that Davis gets the best life possible. Noah will have to truly get clean before he earns back Star’s trust.

Noah’s detoxing looked painful and realistic; you could feel the torture placed on his body as he tried to cleanse himself. Though, even with his determination to get clean, he didn’t have the strength to do it on his own. Miss Bruce and Bobby had to step in if he ever wanted to see results. It’s great that they took charge of the situation and forced him to focus on his well-being instead of the music business. His complementary plotline to Star balanced “Lean on Me” since their progressions were two sides of the same coin.

After weeks of being treated like the D plot, Cotton made some movement with her storyline involving Leon, Dior, and the other escorts. Finally! Mark my words: she’s going to regret managing the girls in their prostitution endeavors. Karma already got busted once due to Xander and Cassie’s money laundering. If the police find out about the prostitution ring, they’ll swarm the club. Sure, it’s great that Cotton is taking them away from an abusive monster like Leon, but she might go down with the ship because of it.

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Carlotta had the biggest personal growth during “Lean on Me” as a result of the funeral arrangements. She had every reason to not attend her stepfather’s funeral, especially with everything that happened recently between them. And even though her family couldn’t mind their business, she had all the power to simply walk away without saying anything. But, she overcame her hatred and resentment to bury those demons once and for all. Carlotta found the strength in herself to push her character forward to the future and she made amends with family members, like her mother.


Right now, she has the brightest development ahead of her. Calvin will be a distant memory in her life as she focuses on the ASAs and bringing Gravity Records to the forefront of the music business. And she needed to be focused, especially since Amber is burning onto the scene. Though, there’s still the matter of her firstborn son and the drama his arrival might bring later on.

(Side-note: When Carlotta hooked up with the guy she met at Karma, I feared that STAR was going to throw us a nasty twist like he was secretly her real son. I’m glad that soap opera drama didn’t happen. #SoGross)  

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