STAR 3×14 Review: “Amazing Grace”

STAR is in a bit of a lull period – this became clearer than ever during “Amazing Grace.” The characters, for the most part, didn’t push the needle forward for their plot progression. Instead, things stood at a standstill while Star laid trapped in a medical coma and the group focused on the ASAs. The only exceptions to this rule came from Cassie, Carlotta, and Gigi – they made big decisions that propelled their characters in a certain direction. The others, on the other hand, focused on their current character development, but it didn’t make a big difference overall.

For example, Simone got faced with the immense adult responsibility of looking after Davis while Noah dealt with his addiction AND her choice regarding Star’s medical surgery. Simone had to grow up fast since she was the only living relative who could make life-saving decisions on Star’s behalf. Her decision regarding Davis came across as obvious and there was no way Simone would let Noah gain custody of his son again until he worked on his demons. After witnessing the trouble firsthand, she did whatever it took to prevent it. Arguably, that was the right choice since Noah wasn’t clean yet.

In Star’s case, I wish Simone had made a decision whether to have the surgery or not. The stress of the situation caused her to put off the decision until it was made for her, which in and of itself is a decision, but not really. She’s lucky that Star woke up on her own in the hospital. If she had delayed it any further and didn’t choose, who knows what could’ve happened? On the plus side, Simone gained some character growth through this ordeal and she’s matured into an adult who can survive and thrive on her own.

Side-note: The fans threw a big memorial service for Star outside the hospital with artwork, flowers, and candles. How successful of a group is Take 3? STAR has been inconsistent with how it treats the fame of the group. If they’re an international success, the group should’ve stayed together longer to deal with the realities of fame.

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Noah shouldn’t push his mother away during this tough time. He already cracked under the pressure of campaigning for the ASAs and raising his baby. He needed all the help he could get to make it through. Unless there’s a clear reason why he doesn’t want his mother around, he should work on the relationship to allow her to help him. With the added support, he could focus on his career and rehab while knowing that his friends and family are looking after his son.

The same goes for Alex. She needed to speak to Simone and Carlotta sooner about her PTSD and how scared she was of being in hospitals. Internalizing fears can only get you so far before it starts hurting you. Thanks to the support from her loved ones, she quickly conquered her fear and got to speak to Star in the hospital. That hurdle seems insignificant in hindsight.

Are we supposed to get invested in Cotton’s storyline about Leon and prostitutes? The D plot barely had any screentime, and when it did appear, the events quickly got rushed away from the main setting. There was a bigger focus during “The Reckoning,” but even then, Cotton had more of a savior complex than making this a substantial plot. If STAR doesn’t make it a priority, why should we?

Gigi made the right call for her mental health. Ever since her aunt died, she hasn’t taken the time to work on herself or mourn the loss. Pushing herself deeper down this hole would only hurt her. The effects of the trauma showed itself on the red carpet and it looked to have progressed quickly. Taking the break will allow her to refocus and get back into the mindset of the music business that tore her family apart. I don’t think she removed herself from consideration for the ASAs, but she most likely took a break from the campaigning.


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The biggest drama came from Cassie and Carlotta’s hunt for the truth about Carlotta’s baby. Calvin is a terrible man for everything he did to Carlotta when she was a child. And to add insult to injury, when he blamed her for “leading him on,” I wish Carlotta had slapped him with every ounce of anger she could muster. He caused so much pain in their lives and now he’s finally removed from it.

On the other hand, I am shocked that Cassie was the one who killed Calvin as retribution. Carlotta nearly committed the crime, but she pulled herself back from succumbing to the demons of her hate. Cassie is the more proactive sister who isn’t afraid to kill someone if they cross her. However, Calvin is her birth father and I thought it would be tougher for her. But, her love for her love was stronger than the connection she had to her father. Carlotta and Cassie’s sisterly relationship has become one of the strongest developments during STAR Season 3. They’ve come so far; let’s hope they continue to foster and let this grow.

“Amazing Grace” kept the story going, but it didn’t drive a lot of exciting development. A few moments stood out that caught our attention, like Cassie killing her father and Take 3’s performance with Gigi. However, the vibe of the episode stayed monotone and depressing overall. We need Star back to add more fire and excitement into the mix. Her presence and the music business/soap opera drama has been missed. Let’s move past this and get back to being the spicy drama we all love.

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