‘Dynasty’ Season 4 Premiere Review: “That Unfortunate Dinner” loves throwing chaos at Carrington parties

Dominique Devereaux asking Blake Carrington for money on Dynasty

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Will anything else go wrong for Fallon and Liam’s big day? A string of bad luck threw some major hurdles for the Dynasty couple that made the wedding almost seem uncertain. In the world of Dynasty, someone didn’t want this pair to walk down the aisle, but what about everything else? That’s all fate and karma rearing their ugly heads. “That Unfortunate Dinner” was true to its episode title—the Carringtons, Colbys, and everyone in between were served their fair share of just desserts. And we were feasting on every little bit of it!

The amount of bad luck and mishaps that fell on Fallon & Liam’s rehearsal dinner were enough red flags to tell something was amiss. Between the church being flooded and the priest having an allergic reaction and the painting being destroyed, the universe was sending them plenty of signs. “That Unfortunate Dinner” was framed around the toxic relationships surrounding the happy couple and the seeds of doubt to keep them from getting married. Dynasty pushed the couple to the point of facing every hurdle their friends and family kept secret so that they would question their relationship. I’m glad Fallon and Liam survived the rehearsal chaos; they’re one of Dynasty’s best ships and they overcame so much during the second and third seasons to get to their wedding.

Evan’s obsession with Fallon will be a major thorn to overcome. What does he expect to happen if he successfully breaks up the wedding? Fallon is in love with Liam, not him. She won’t go rushing to him to start a new romance right away if her relationship ends. Everyone has told her that Liam is her soulmate and that they’re perfect together—the couple will try to make it work. Evan will no doubt get drastic in his pursuit; chances are he will be the cause of the person in the 6-month time jump.

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Speaking of the time jump, who do you think is in the coffin? My guesses currently are Liam, Culhane, Dominique, Evan, and Anders. Firstly, Evan could try to kill Liam or he gets killed in the process of trying to break-up the wedding. Based on his actions to stop the wedding, he’ll do whatever it takes to stop it. Evan seemed like the most obvious casualty from this plot.

Anders working against Adam to expose him will either work out in his favor or not. He’s getting the leverage he needs from Ms. Duncan, but if Kirby doesn’t want to hear him, there’s nothing he can do. Kirby and Adam are an interesting couple and I like their chemistry together, but if they become too toxic, we need to protect Kirby at all costs. Adam’s cruelty could flip on a dime if he’s not willing to change for his girlfriend; Anders could be in danger if he comes between them.

Dominique’s narrative during “That Unfortunate Dinner” focused on her growing inferiority and hatred toward the Carringtons. Everyone kept knocking her down, but she had a strong point: Blake was the lucky one who grew up with Thomas in the lap of luxury, Dominique was (and still is) treated like an outsider. She has every right to the Carrington name and the prestige that comes with it. Whatever Thomas Carrington left for her could be the smoking gun that gives her power, and the piece someone could try to kill her for.

And finally, does Culhane even have a plot anymore? He’s playing the nice friend, but his role hasn’t served much purpose since the rest of Dynasty moved onto different plots. His character getting cut wouldn’t be surprising since Dynasty included dialogue of him being a great guy. That’s the type of emotional set-up in scripts to prepare audiences to miss him if he leaves. Either he’ll get back together with his ex or his character is being set up for a potential exit.

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Cristal and Blake have a lot of relationship baggage they need to face if they want a chance of survival. Blake works way too much to protect the Carrington name and Cristal has lost interest in the marriage. Seriously, why would Blake double-book Cristal for a lunch and meeting afterwards? He’s lucky Adam came through with the emergency because if she had found out, their relationship would’ve been over right then and there. I’m unsure if their marriage will survive; now that the tryst with the priest and Laura were revealed, there’s no cheating secrets keeping them apart. However, Blake will always choose the Carringtons, and since he’s put his personal assets as collateral, that loss would drive a huge wedge through the marriage as he’ll be too focused to get it back.


The relationship between Jeff and Alexis, on the other hand, was the devious pairing we didn’t know we needed! Dynasty Season 3 toyed with their back-and-forth banter, but having this plot against Blake was the trick that brought them together for the better. Jeff and Alexis will stop at nothing to destroy Blake’s reign with the Carringtons, and the manipulation to get Blake to leverage his assets with the bank was masterful! Jeff and Alexis knew where to hit Blake best: his pockets.

“That Unfortunate Dinner” was full Dynasty fun with a touch of soapy mischievousness. Not even a supposedly happy day like Fallon and Liam’s rehearsal dinner could prevent the chaos erupting around them. Secrets were exposed, betrayals were plotted, and the pieces were set for someone to meet their eventual end. Dynasty Season 4 started on the right foot; most likely in a designer heel on its way to grab a glass of champagne. (You know, pure Dynasty opulence.)

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