‘Dynasty’ 4×02 Review: “Vows Are Still Sacred” leaves three lives hanging in the balance

Kirby and Sam getting a text on Dynasty

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Fallon will never forget her (third) wedding on Dynasty. After weeks of sabotage and bad luck, she and Liam finally walked down the aisle to get married on “Vows Are Still Sacred.” Granted, there wasn’t an aisle and a psychopath tried to kill her, but they did it! It’s not a Dynasty celebration unless there’s soapy drama, shady deals, and a shocking twist to throw a wrench into the event. Fallon and Liam’s wedding was no exception, so it gave us everything we’d want in a Dynasty plot. Even as three characters might potentially die after everything is all said and done.

Fallon was in the right to change up the plans and cut her parents out of her wedding. Both Alexis and Blake promised to be there for her, but all they cared about were their hidden deals and Carrington Atlantic drama. Did Alexis need to have a dramatic reveal with Jeff to crush Blake? Did Blake have to be so cavalier about asking Fallon for money? No, they were so messy to let their side-plots interfere with their daughter’s wedding. If they had approached it with a little care, like Blake coming clean about just finding out the truth about the deal, Fallon would’ve understood and handled it.

Liam and Fallon getting married in a place that meant a lot to her was a sweet and touching moment. The high school theater had the symbolic factor to Fallon’s past and made the scene much more special between the couple. While having Fallon perform her vows in song elicited an eye-roll (when did Dynasty take Riverdale’s approach with random songs?), that decision made up for it by the use of the stage for both the wedding and the climax of “Vows Are Still Sacred.” The big open view made Evan’s arrival more shocking and set the tone of a tense threat.  

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With no one else in the theater except for Liam and Blake, the climax still felt confined as the attention only focused on the main people. And, the space between Liam, Fallon/Evan, and Blake came across as both far apart and close together due to the tension. Evan did a great job coming across as a deranged character who would hurt anyone who got in his way. I liked that Dynasty didn’t fall into the trope of Fallon manipulating Evan into dropping the weapon; even if Evan was obsessed with Fallon, he wouldn’t easily agree due to one sentence. It’s more believable for Evan to acknowledge Fallon’s actions and know that she was manipulating him. Kudos to Dynasty for making this soapy climax pretty exciting, even if it is expected that Blake will be fine after this ordeal.

Do you think that Blake died after falling from the theater stage? I think he will be fine, but the events of “Vows Are Still Sacred” could be how his character gets written out. Dynasty had set-up plots where Blake lost everything to Alexis, Jeff, and Dominique, and his relationship with Cristal crumbled, so there won’t be reconciliation there. Blake has nothing left unless he concocts a scheme to get it all back. If Blake Carrington leaves Dynasty, it would be a shocking twist because it’s completely unexpected as he is one of the main leads. Never say never, but the odds are higher of Kirby dying/leaving the show than Blake.

Speaking of Kirby, I’m crossing my fingers she survives! Evan stabbing her was shocking as it was unexpected and seemed like her hope of survival was slim. Out of the potential deaths, Kirby will most likely survive because it grows the Adam/Kirby romance and adds tension to the Adam/Anders war. Adam will have saved Kirby’s life and their connection will be stronger since he chose to save her than stop Shelly’s blackmail. If she dies, Anders could kill Adam as revenge. Anders has been pushed to the limit, and his fear of losing Kirby will lash out against the person he thought caused it all. Regardless if he finds out Evan stabbed her, Anders could still blame Adam for everything.

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During last week’s review, we wondered what Thomas Carrington had left Dominique in the secret locker—this now being revealed as the mineral rights for Carrington Manor. There has to be a reason why Thomas left this specific legacy to Dominique out of everything he owned. Will there be diamonds under the ground? Rubies, sapphires, gems? Or, could it be something like oil or a dead body? Something is hiding underneath Carrington Manor and it could prove to be what causes further tension between Dominique and Jeff/Alexis. And hopefully, Jeff and Alexis figure out how they define their relationship by then. Sure, she’s setting up the divorce papers so he can have kids with someone else, but their longing looks at the door teased that their partnership might not be over just yet.

“Vows Are Still Sacred” set up new beginnings for the couples of Dynasty while also teetering on death for others. Fallon/Liam, Sam, and Cristal took a stand in their love lives to put themselves first in what they want, which will be good for them in the long run. A shift in power changed everything for the Carringtons and Blake’s former reign at the head of the company. And, we could potentially be saying goodbye to a few characters in the process. The wedding day gave us lots of fun soapy drama to tide us over until the new phase begins of a post-Blake reign.


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