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Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

  • Thefireavatar

    Another review that again takes into account political correctness instead of judging the film on its own merits. This reviewer shows a lack of integrity when it comes to their reviews. Ghost in the Shell has never been about the races of its characters. It was more about exploring the line between what makes us human and machine in a future where humans see cybernetic upgrades as just another tooth filling or a pair of glasses. Emphasis of the underrepresentation of a a group of people shouldn’t be emphasised in a movie where it isn’t essential to the plot. Especially considering that it’s clear that other races exist in the setting of the film and that the major herself is a “ghost in a (synthetic) shell”.

  • RageMojo

    Did you actually watch the original? The shell was white with Blue eyes. This is the exact kind of nonsense that created the backlash that got Trump elected in the first place. Your supposed to think with your mind, not your emotions.