From the Record Crate

From the Record Crate is about looking back. It’s about reaching into your music collection and pulling out an old favorite, or looking through dollar bins for older CDs you’ve never heard. It’s as much about obscure albums you’ve never heard as it is about albums that are constantly ranked among the all-time greatest.

From the Record Crate: The Strokes – “Is This It” (2001)

Growing up, the 1990s was my favorite decade of rock music. How could anybody deny…

From the Record Crate: John Mayer – “Continuum” (2006)

The gentle, syncopated drums begin to play, establishing a light groove. The sound quality is…

From the Record Crate: Daft Punk – “Homework” (1997)

Before Thomas Banglater and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo were robots donning their signature silver and gold…

From the Record Crate: One Direction – “Up All Night” (2011)

I listen to Up All Night, and I’m transported right back to 2011. The band…

From the Record Crate: Tegan and Sara – “If It Was You” (2002)

We take a look back at the third studio album from Tegan and Sara, ‘If It Was You.’ The early-2000s record was a vastly creative and inventive project.

From the Record Crate: Avril Lavigne – “Let Go” (2002)

We take a look back at Avril Lavigne debut album ‘Let Go,’ which mixed relatable teen subject matter with authentic feelings and songwriting

From the Record Crate: J Dilla – ‘The Shining’ (2006)

The Shining’s main body of production consisted of J Dilla, Oxnard-born producer Madlib, and Detroit compatriot Kariem Riggins