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Album Review: Todd Rundgren – “White Knight”

  • JimCracky

    You’re just a boy. Your musical understanding has not sufficiently matured to evaluate a work like this.

    Your commentary is shallow and cliché ridden. Take heart. You will get better with age.

    • Will Ashton

      Jeepers, sir. I sure do hope I learn the complexities of Todd Rundgren’s inconsistent twilight years soon.

  • ted banter

    Interesting review though lacking details and perspective in some cases. If a song is “awful” and others are “much worse”, I’d sure like to know why. Is it the arrangement, the melody, the vocals, the instrumentation, the mix, or something else?

    How does “White Knight” compare to other Todd records? Up to this point, what do you think Todd’s defining album is? What songs of his (if any) have moved you? Ever listen to AWATS, Liars, Global, State, Nearly Human, etc.? Am I correct in assuming you’re somewhat familiar with the music of Steely Dan, The Pursuit of Happiness, Utopia and Joe Walsh?

    You didn’t mention “Sleep” and “Wouldn’t You Like to Know”. I’m curious about your thoughts on those songs.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Will Ashton

    Uh… no. I’m not a Trump fan. You got that one completely wrong. Like, way off.