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From the Record Crate: Eminem – “The Marshall Mathers LP” (2000)

  • Lost My Way.

    “That put its predecessor in the shade”

    I don’t believe that’s the case to be honest, SSLP has proven more timeless for me. Don’t get me wrong MMLP is a phenomenal album of the highest quality but I feel SSLPs relatable nature and comedy has kept me coming back more often than MMLP. MMLP is more technically proficient than SSLP but it’s comedy is so reliant on topical references that over a decade later much of it falls flat. “My Fault” is still hilarious, as is “As The World Turns” and the relatable tone of songs like “If I Had” or “Rock Bottom” have stayed fresher than MMLPs much more specific autobiographical feel. My favourite Eminem song is still a MMLP track “Drug Ballad” but there’s more I skip on it now, great songs but not as repayable for all of time even a masterpiece like “Stan” doesn’t feel quite as fresh as something like “Still Don’t Give a Fůck”

    I know it’s all opinion but put both on back to back and see if you get what I mean. See which one makes you laugh or feel more now over a decade later.

    At the time I’d of said MMLP all day long, it’s a ferocious rap album of immense talent but it feels like a product of its era on quite a few tracks. SSLP is still a great abstract journey from “My Name Is” to “Still Don’t Give a Fùck” It still feels raw and utterly unique.

    I know it’s all opinion like I said and I respect yours if not your jibes at D12, Snoop and Dre. Unnecessary and disrespectful to not only his friends who he enjoyed rapping with but their successful careers. Snoops verse is actually great and does keep up with Eminem. Dre never liked rapping really but he deserves his spot and Em probably wouldn’t of took no for an answer. Calling Swifty and Proof “untalented” is just plain rude though and you should be a little embarrassed of that.

    • David Gregorian

      Those Snoop verses you quoted from “Bitch Please II” are terrible. Just terrible.

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