Album Review: Blink-182 “California”

  • Nick

    Haha this review is garbage. I’ve yet to hear one blink fan say they miss Delonge, I’ve yet to hear one fan say that Skiba doesn’t fit the band, or that the new record isn’t anything short of outstanding.

    P.S. Actually listen to San Diego and you’ll hear it’s about the relationship Hoppus and Delonge had growing up. I don’t think the author of this review did listen to much, if any of the record, and probably had negative expectations before giving it a chance in the first place.

  • Don Vito Margera

    Blink-182 is my favorite band of all time. I have been so excited for this album, even without Tom being in it. Mark will always be my favorite more than Tom. The ‘Self-Titled’ album is no doubt the best album i have ever owned or listened to. After the break-up AVA & +44 made really good music, just both bands were somewhat different than each other. I feel the Neighborhood’s album was trying to convert AVA & +44 together and it was just not sounding like the real Blink-182. There were great song on Neighborhoods though. This album was exactly what i was hoping and its great. Sober is by far my favorite song. I love Cynical & Rabbit Hole as well. I really hate to say it, but i feel that this album’s sound is nothing we haven’t heard before, and the songs will start to get old quick. It is well put together though and i give all the personnel lots of credit. If there is a another Blink-182 Album in the future, i would like to have Tom back and also produce it exactly the same as California with all the personnel involved.