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The Flash 3×19 Review: “The Once and Future Flash”

  • Clv

    I also felt the same as you. Future Barry told present Barry over and over to go spend as much time with Iris as he could. And after seeing the reality of a future without her, all he did was pat Iris’s shoulder? Unrealistic!! There were so many plot holes
    Regards the suit maybe Barry got it just before he defeated Savatair?
    Could Savatair be CS’s mum? Remember she looked like she was doing lots of experiments in her lab earlier in the season

    I also am tired of them always dragging the reveals. Hope it won’t be as anticlimactic as Jay’s was
    Why didn’t Barry go and look for the scientist who discovered the tech so he could get information in advance to speed up process? Was the scientist dead or he didn’t think of it?He looked so eager to go back to his tl when he’d got nothing to move forward with in trying to protect Iris. I thought he was eager to go back and spend time with Iris
    I also missed Iris. I wanted to see her voice her fears, who isn’t afraid of death? I wanted to see Barry really comfort her not be in denial
    Overall a really depressing episode with very little plot development like you said