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The Flash 4×06 Review: “When Harry Met Harry”

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  • FanMe

    I definitely agree! I was uncomfortable with Dibny throughout the whole episode. His characterization is in extremely poor taste and this episode was very tone deaf on a multitude of fronts.

    • Mae Abdulbaki

      Absolutely agree it was tone deaf. This is especially true given that last week’s episode was all about the ladies and it was followed up with an episode about a guy who only thinks of women based on their measurements. Thanks for reading!

  • Leaf Miranda

    I agree with your review. I’m not a fan of Dibny and when they made it clear that’d be Barry’s new sidekick I rolled my eyes. I’d rather see Barry and Cisco team up unlike the Kid Flash x Vibe team up that we heard about, but didn’t get to see. Dibny is crude and doesn’t work for me at all. I also had an issue with Barry using his powers in the beginning to speed that mugger to a hospital. Barry should know better. You left Black Bison out of your review, which I found surprising. She didn’t do much as a villain, but her cause in a way was kind of noble. Native Americans have been hurt for so long and she was trying to do was recover the artifacts from her family history. It was hard to truly see her as a villain.

    • Mae Abdulbaki

      You’re absolutely right, I did leave her out of my review, but not on purpose, I promise. I was just so annoyed and frustrated with Dibny and my review had already passed 1100 words. I did like Black Bison and found her quest, minus killing people, to make a lot of sense. A friend pointed out to me that it should have been her and not Dibny who returned the necklace back to the Sioux people and that by allowing Dibny to do it was a disservice to her character. And I agree that it was hard to see her made out to be a villain. They had an opportunity to make her story more worthwhile than Dibny’s and they missed out. Thanks for reading!