Movie Review: Stephen King’s Cell

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  • frampton jonathan

    It’s a shame really. The book was so clever and King definitely made it pay off. When I first heard this was being adapted for the big screen I was excited. Then I heard they cast John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in the leading roles! Even better! Things continued to look good for this adaptation. But alas, the execution was just terrible. There was no feeling from the cast at all. (at least the leads) The ending (no spoilers) was just laughable. Even the movie poster looks like a terrible B movie John Cusack has been showing up in lately. I agree, Stephen King was there! He could have saved this. Why he chose to go this route, I’ll never know. Oh well…. I might as well just read the book again. One thousand times more interesting!

  • Nora Chompunich

    Ok so most of the reviews I have read online for this movie were horrible and I guess you really have to analyze it with intellect.

    Use your intelligence guys…Stephen King is a genius!
    At first glance the movie seems horrible, and cheesy…but don’t take it for its surface value. I believe that Stephen king’s screen adaptation is deeper than what it may seem. The hooded devil guy represents a leader of the mindless masses consumed with the media. They are flocking and following the violent and insane behaviours.

    The center of the main cell tower is at a place called “Kashwak” a play on the words CASHWHACK. Where money is king on Capitol Hill.

    Take it for what you may interpret…but in the end I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that he is taking his Son to Canada…and the spray painted initials TJD just happens to be Donald J Trump backwards.