TV Review: Angie Tribeca (2×3) “Beach Blanket Sting-O”

  • Savage Brit

    As the ratings continue to decline. Rather than the lofty perch of “Police Squad!” this was more akin to “Son of the Beach.” The trope behind mass murders being a cloak has grown tiresome, much like the show itself.

    • Savage Poopie

      Ahhh, Savage Brit! The same Savage Brit who trolls every Angie Tribeca post. The Wrap, Hollywood Reporter, AV Club, Just Jared, Den of Geek (deep inhalation of breath because this list is comically long), Paste, Wired, Roger Ebert, The Young Folks (another deep inhalation of breath)… look, we get it, you have some sort of connection to this show and your diaper fills up with poopies any time something positive is written about it. I mean, seriously, look at all those websites you’ve visited month after month after month just to to write the same old sh*t about the same show. Seriously, look how many websites. Look at them. It’s so many. Like, a lot. It’s hilarious. Also hilarious, the fact that it seems like you still watch the show, even into its second season. P.S. The ratings went up this week.