TV Review: ‘Roadies’

  • Angela M Stauffer

    I want to be completely transparent from the get-go: I work on this Showtime Series.
    It is understood that this ROADIES review was written by Lesley Coffin, a “critic” and I am assuming that you, Lesley, were given the first 3 episodes to review.

    My issue is not with the fact that you did not like the episodes. That is your prerogative and I respect that.
    I DO have a problem with some of the inaccuracies ( for example: Luis Guzman does NOT completely disappear after the pilot – He is clearly in the 2nd episode).
    I take issue with your SERIOUS accusation of Racism.
    In the 2nd paragraph you stated there were “clear examples of racism from Crowe”.

    You did not like and did not understand 2 of the characters. Fair enough.
    However, you went on to say of them, “are both affected by some clear examples of racism from Crowe …”

    Can you please elaborate on those clear examples?
    Perhaps there was a typo?? Whatever the case, I strongly believe that comment was inappropriate and should be retracted and an apology made.