TV Review: ‘Dead of Summer’ Series Premiere

  • guest9999

    “The show is supposed to be set in the
    ‘80s but it’s a far cry. I’ve watched my fair share of ‘80s flicks to
    get a pretty good understanding of the decade, but man, the show could
    have tried harder! I felt more of a ‘90s vibe the whole time. That was
    the number one thing that stuck out to me.”


    Sadly, the fashion and hair styles they are using are almost all from the 90s and
    today and almost none from 1989.

    Except for a few token bits of genuine 80s (cars for one), 90% of it screams
    mid to late 90s/2016 and only 10%, at best, 1989. Not exactly authentic.

    It’s amazingly how the producers were in high school in 1989 and still somehow managed to make this yet another show that gets the 1980s so completely wrong. This was THEIR exact era. How could they mistake it for the 90s that ended their era or for today?

    Even the slang they mess up by somehow using some of the few bits of today’s slang that were not used the 80s.

    And it’s bizarre that the gay guy is freely open and the Russian kids are
    being demonized for being Russian when in the 1980s it was gay people
    getting hassled and nobody caring a whit if someone came from a Russian
    family or not.

    I love they did set it 1980s, but I wish they had
    just tried even a little bit more to make them look and act like they
    were in the 80s.

    • guest9999

      And just the cast photo they sent to everyone. How 1997 and how not 1989 does it look. It’s crazy.