TV Review: Orange Is the New Black Season 4

  • Neva Sari

    Truly horrible review. You do your readers a disservice.

  • Stephane Hardy

    Ridiculous review solely based on some twisted racial take on the show. Keeping aside that there is way more to this season than the racial angle, white people totally have the right to write about how they see the plight of other races so as communicate it to their fellow whites in a way they will understand clearly. If this reviewer had her say, I guess that “killing a Mocking Bird” and “Mississippi is burning” would have never been written. She sounds like some young social justice warrior giving white people in America moral lessons about what they can and cannot write about in their own country. She can screw herself.

  • Big Cow

    An embarrassing review emanating from deep-seated moral narcissism, blatant racism and a fundamental misunderstanding about how the show is written – the script gets significant feedback from the performers before finalization (I understand Wiley, in particular, was consulted multiple times by writers on her character’s plotline). This reviewer needs to understand much more of the nuance behind Piper’s mistakes that led to the rise of the white power group and its impact on Piper. Also, if you don’t like the dark turn and prefer the more lighthearted format of earlier seasons, say why – it’s your job to explain the impact and flaws of the art rather than just say “oh, I didn’t like that”.