TV Review: Scream (2×08) “Village of the Damned”

  • Claus Kruger

    Zoe is just jealous. That’s why she sent the audio file to Emma.
    Kieran is the killer.
    1 – Piper had a partner in the first season that was strong enough to drag Will (1×06).
    2 – Kieran is never there when the killer attacks…but he is always after (2×04, 2×06 and 2×08).
    3 – He used to live with his mother and his stepfather before the accident. Therefore, the relationship with his father (sheriff) was not very good.
    Perhaps his stepfather was Brandon James, the father of Emma?
    4 – He is constantly with Emma. He may have sent emails to her father (on behalf of Nina, whom he met in the bar) and also have put Jake’s phone into her bag.
    5 – Emma was threatened by the killer in the episode 2×05 (in Lang’s room). Kieran was one of the few who left the room guarded by police (where all the kids were).
    6 – In the first episode of the season, Jake makes a joke, calling Emma “girl interrupted” (referring to the film). Later, on a call, the killer does the same quote.
    Who listened the joke at the party? Only the Lakewood Six.

    8 – In the film, one of the killers is the boyfriend of the protagonist.