Movie Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

  • DCC

    THANK YOU! I always thought her story was sad and could not imagine a spin on it that could possibly work, even with some amount of fictionalization. How can anyone call this inspirational? She was ill and used for the amusement of those who were willing to pretend to like it in exchange for drinks, food and laughs. No thanks.

  • ZoomZoomDiva

    I find your attitude on this matter to be snotty and arrogant. I do think it is noble and endearing for St. Clair Bayfield to stand by her and to allow her to have her harmless dreams and fantasies. I do not think that he was attempting to control her or her money, based on the biographical information I have read. The pianist, yes, started being in it for the money… livable work in such a field being very difficult, but I also liked the human turn in that respect.
    For a relatively recent version, look no further than William Hung.