Movie Review: Little Men

  • M P

    I saw Little Men when it premiered at the Chicago Critics’ Film Festival. Wow, what a touching and wonderful film! The New York Writer/Director of “Little Men” was in attendance and spoke before the screening, where he thanked one of the local Chicago producers, which was Fathers Rights’ pioneer Jeffery Leving. He is the top family law attorney in the nation. Jeff Leving is a huge advocate for the powerful positive force of paternal involvement, which was an underlying theme in the film.. There are countless statistics that show the positive effects of father involvement that Tony was lacking. I suspect this is why Leving helped produce this movie.

    I mention this, because this great written and directed film highlights the contrast of a family unit where there is father involvement in one family, and father absence in the other. Tony hardly sees or has contact with his father in the film, because his father lives in Africa. The lack of Tony’s father being present in his life negatively affects him in this film. Jake, the other boy, has his dad in his life, played wonderfully by Greg Kinnear, and is able to get the support he needs from his father in the hope of achieving his dreams. Tony, who so dearly wants a father in his life even reaches out to Jake’s Dad to give him fatherly advice and support for his future. This film highlights the positive effects an involved father can have on their children. Bravo!!!