TV Review: Gotham 3×01 “Better to Reign in Hell…”

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    I really like your intro sentence. When it comes to the frustrating, it is anything Fish.

    I would take some issue with Gordon never being a good cop and with what at seems like the use of murderer with no context whatsoever. if this is a heightened universe where the best intentioned person with the strongest moral compass could be compromised under duress or when painted into corners, then yes, Gordon didn’t make the best choice the best way with Galavan. In hindsight, what would have eliminated the threat before Lee would have been kidnapped (again) or Bruce (again) or either or both killed or dozens and hundreds of others by any of Galavan’s crew, including many GCPD who were working privately for him, as in the ones who dragged Gordon to be killed after the mockery of a trial? Hypotheticals, but Galavan wasn’t going to prison and he wouldn’t have left witnesses. No easy answers, but not a killing, prior to resurrection, in the way that Penguin, Nygma, Galavan, and on and on and did for personal gain, pleasure, greed, sport, hiding another crime, anger. Maybe there was a choice, but at the time, there didn’t seem to be one with the system too broken to allow for any prosecution or justice. Gordon has a conscience and is, as the creators, etc., have said, is trying to navigate a world where the accepted rules no longer apply and change constantly.

    I was very surprised at how quickly speedy Lee jumped into the arms or house of someone else, maybe 2-3 months total since Jim went to what should have been his death in prison and maybe 2 months since the baby’s death? Not winning many points there on the empathy meter. It would appear that Jim loves her and the family they were building far more than she did and is committed to doing what it takes, but she’s past that point if she ever was there, truly. That would mess with anyone’s head, so with Jim having lost everyone and everything, minus having his freedom back, he should be questioning everything, starting with if his life matters at all and what his purpose is after having the same one since seeing his father day right next to him. I agree that it should take time and the answers should come from his past, hopefully, not from something contrived and convenient.