Movie Review: Class Divide


    Did you think this film pushed forward the necessity of integration? This film seemed to be simply a compare/contrast documentary. But the comparison was not
    even apples to apples. On the public housing side, they
    interviewed entire families and dug into many complexities of their
    lives. On the Avenues School side, they mostly focused on the teen aged
    students, and their fancy toys at school. There was no clear thesis. Class Divide
    made no political statements and alluded to no solutions. It missed
    so many opportunities by touching on some tiny bit of a story
    (immigration status, public education, union organizing, suicide and
    race to name just a few).
    Other than documenting the history of the
    neighborhood, there was no socio-political context for WHY this extreme
    gentrification is so persistent. Without an advocacy slant, it the film
    almost seems to be saying “Yup! This is how it is and that’s that. But,
    look! The low-income people are gonna be okay because their families are
    so tight and happy to just have each other. And the young wealthy kids
    know they have to carry the ‘burden’ of their guilt as they navigate a future that is *slightly* less secure than their parents.”

    • BabalooMandel

      Sounds like my kind of documentary.