TV Review: Luke Cage Season 1

  • CW

    It was ok, but was lacking a bit. I think the story was good and mostly the acting was good, but the fight scenes really were silly. All Luke did was throw people, or hold somebody while taking bullets in the back. The fights were not choreographed well. I hope they find a better director for the next season.

  • Obi

    It’s the best Netflix show I’ve seen in a while. I’d rate it 11/10.

  • Frank Crispo

    I was disappointed with the series. I hate it when a series centers around one story line that takes the whole season to resolve. Why can’t they make a series that has one story line per episode. And the worst part was this story line never really concluded and we were left hanging. I want my good guys to win in the end and I didn’t feel that the hero won anything. For a super hero he sure was tossed around a lot and lost the battle in a lot of confrontations. I sure hope it improves in the next season.