Movie Review: I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House

  • Sequel62

    This is a pretty good synopsis of the problems that afflict a certain genre of film. But Idisagree that the film was harmed by the inherent weaknesses of the haunted house genre. To me, it transcended those.

    What I found most original about this story was the fact that Lily was so intent on rejecting evidence that something was amiss, and yet at the same time so clearly predisposed to over-react to any proof of such a problem. That was the see-saw proposition that kept the whole story going until its strange denouement.

    Usually, the genre’s principle character is “Sweet Polly Purebread”, who is seeking external rescue from the encroaching menace. In this case, Lily is actually rejecting the roll of Polly, leading the audience to believe that the threat is probably coming entirely from outside herself. That tension is even harder for the viewer to escape once the matter has been “resolved”.

    It was beautifully and masterfully done.