TV Review: Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Premiere – “Columbia”

  • Joely

    I agree the duplicate tough cop partner idea is a non-starter. I also feel that the instant the nerdy scientist girl comes on screen the show instantly transforms into a teen comic drama. No.

  • Keith Katsikas

    I was severely bothered, and remain so still, how Crane spoke about Booth and the assassination of Lincoln as if he were there and/or had first hand knowledge about it. Crane would not know anything more than what he read in the book—a book which he has just discovered and is reading for the very first time. I think the writing in this first episode was dismal at best. I pray this season gets better fast, or I fear the end of days for Sleepy Hollow are imminent. Oh, speaking of Sleepy Hollow. The show is called Sleepy Hollow for a reason—or at least it was. I guess now it should be called, Washington DC.

    • WorldTraveler9

      Crane had three years to catch up on all that happened in American History between his being put into that cave and his awaking there 250 years later.

      • Keith Katsikas

        Yes. However, he spoke as if he knew the man. It was all in how it was written and directed. Crane would not and could not have had such intimate knowledge. If he was simply reading from the book, he would not have spoken the way he did. It was just bad, and yet so avoidable and totally unnecessary. Crane should have been surprised by the information they just found. He should not have spoke about it in a way that expressed personal knowledge of the acccount.

    • Joely

      Yes! As that unfolded I thought, “oh, please…don’t let Crane know all about…oh.” The idea was cool, and it was a nifty explanation of how Booth managed to jump down on the stage and run away, but the writers…it’s like they have a saboteur among them.

    • michael larimore

      I couldn’t agree more. The writing/script in season 4 episode 1 leaves a LOT to be desired. I was super excited to see all the new characters in the intro of the show and was thinking they have stepped it up a notched. However, as I watched the episode, I was CONSTANTLY thinking “give me a break” that was too weak of a connection to make, over and over. I’ll give it one more episode to decide if I will continue to invest my time, but I’m not feeling it.
      Right off the bat, a generic footprint with a shard of glass takes her to a manhole in the woods with fresh glass surrounding it where she runs into Crane again? Give me a break!

  • Mike DiBattista

    Anyone notice the blatant ripoff of the Claudia Donovan character from Warehouse 13?

  • Victor Fernandez Lopez

    So… let’s see: Bones tv show stated that Selley Booth ancestor was John Wilkes Booth, who murdered Abraham Lincoln, and we could see on this episode that John Wilkes Booth was indeed a demon. Nice way to mess with another show’s character origins.
    Also, now Abraham Lincoln’s statue’s head is missing. Is that going to have any kind of impact on Bones? It should, it’s not like the statue is not famous on Bones universe.
    Dang, that crossover was one of the dumbest ideas I saw on TV lately. And, by the way, Sleepy Hollow right now has no purpose. I miss Moloch and Jeremy Crane. Good old times were those…

  • bcharmz

    After 5 episodes in, I am writing this show off. They are trying hard to recreate the chemistry that was between Mison and Beharie and it is not working. And I agree why bring in another cop (bad actress or poor material?) or both…poor Tom Mison he is better than that. Also missing is the pizzazz between Jenny and Crane what happened???