Concert Review: Yoshiki with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra – New York, N.Y., 1/12/17

  • Woraporn Kanjanatrakul

    Animation X should be credited to “CLAMP”

    “hide” did not commit suicide. It was claimed accident.

    During “Endless Rain” Yoshiki did not sing. He never have, at least not out loud. It was known and accustomed in X Japan’s fan to sing this song during their live performance. During the show on the 12th, a simple nod from Yoshiki while he was playing the song was like our permission to sing the song out loud like how we would do in X Japan concert … but we were not sure if it was okay in such venue.

    And if you want to add, the missing 3rd verse is “kokoro no kizu ni” (on our wounded heart/on the scar of my heart)

    • Nathanael Hood

      Oooooooh. Many thanks for the clarification. I’m glad you enjoyed the show, too!

      • Woraporn Kanjanatrakul

        You’re welcome!