TV Review: Riverdale 1×03 “Chapter Three: Body Double”

riverdale, betty, body double
  • Jessica Neema

    The story is terrible, and it was the worst episode yet. First off,the boys have a book, when they can make an online document and password protect it. Chuch goes after Veronica after she swores vengeance. The guys get kicked off the team over lies about sleeping with girls. Very least they would be disciplined, but that was too far.
    The girls drug a guy, tie him up and threaten his life, and nothing happens to them. All of those are freaking crimes. And the whole Josie shuts down Archie’s privilege. WTF/. Josie is as privileged as Archie, she can do whatever he can cause there are no laws in place. Funny, when talking about privilege, no one mentions the lack of diversity in basketball or football, but majority black men is ok then, right?