TV Review: F is For Family Season 1

  • You are so off the mark here. This show and Bill Burr is absolutely hilarious. All of the stereo types are so outrageous and unbelievable that it sets this show off perfectly! Thank goodness you are not in charge of shows making it to Netflix or otherwise.

  • Zachary WhoDat Collier

    Terrible review. This show is amazing, and there are definitely heartfelt family moments in the cracks here and there.

    Your 2/10 stacked against its perfect star rating on netflix shows your sense of humor isnt compatible with this type of program

  • Stupid Review

    I did not feel the overwhelming sense of disappointment you described. You are obviously missing the point of the show. Yes it relies on crude humor but is that a bad thing? Between these crude moments are brilliant emotional insights to raising a family and relationships between characters, which obviously did not get through to you. Stop hating things based on appearances and actually try to see what the show is trying to tell you (so called film graduate).

  • Carmine

    Sorry your wrong! I love his show I hope they make many more seasons!! I find it so funny and so refreshing and everybody I know who has watched it think it’s hilarious. And personally the examples you used as good Netflix series are shows I didn’t enjoy watching. I became bored with in 3 episodes. But I can honestly say I was sad when I watch the last show of F is for family. Please Netflix make more !

  • Ron

    Probably one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time, the humor is amazing, acting (voiceovers) feel so dead on, so accurate of what would happen. Nothing comes to mind that really excites me to watch right now as much as this. I’ve told everyone about it where I work, everyone who’s watched it loved it.

  • Jae

    I do not understand why you are hating on these stereotypes. These stereotypes that you claim serve no purpose are essential to the story. Many shows have stereotypes and in F is for Family, it is done tastefully.

  • Gina

    The fact that you can say that these characters are unrelatable makes me wonder what kind of family you grew up in and the means you had. This is literally the lifestyle of many a lower middle class/middle class level family. Crude, yes. And I’m sure if family guy were on Netflix it would be just as if not worse. Some of the jokes in family guy are COMPLETELY over the line, albeit nuanced extremely well. My guess is this show just isn’t your sense of humor, and unfortunately I think that’s a damn shame… The world needs to laugh at the trials and tribulations of real life. This show can let that happen.

  • Sean

    It was hard to keep reading this review after seeing “mean-spirited” in the review not once, but twice. No wait . . . three times. Donald, stick to video games, bud.

  • danny berwick

    I think your jealous you didn’t think of this show!!

  • I love this show

  • Samuel White

    You should be fired from writing or reviewing cause growing up in the 80’s was almost like this show. ESP in the low to low/middle class.

  • Ryan

    Shame on you, Donald Strohman. Shame.

  • Ann Brown

    I agree with this review. I had to fast forward it to see the funny parts. Unfortunately there weren’t any. I am a big fan of Bill but this show didn’t have any funny for me.

    • Ann Brown

      If you disagree with my comment, tough shit. I do not think this cartoon is funny. His podcast and stand up are not the same as this lame cartoon . . I love his comedy but this cartoon I find unfunny. if that bothers you.. from your comment it does. That is your issue, not mine… now have a nice day and go fuck Bill would say!!

  • James

    I think this is a great review. I was very disappointed with this show. I watched a couple of episodes and found myself left with either hate, or apathy for the characters. The hate was directed at Bill Burr’s character, because that seems to be the only emotion he conveys in this show, and the apathy is towards the other incredibly 1 dimensional characters that are so underdeveloped that I can’t really look at them as anything more than ideas. While the father figure is only verbally abusive to his children in broad view, it makes me think of the physically abused children I knew growing up. I’d hear their dad yelling and stomping around while I was at their house playing, but wouldn’t see the bruises and black eyes until the next day. Domestic violence should not be taken nonchalantly, and when the primary joke is an over agitated middle aged man and elusion to abuse, I find it disgusting at best.

  • Phil

    Great show everyone I know who has seen it agree with me looking forward to more seasons

  • TenfLetta (Jay)

    This is #Hilarious love it… Season 2 needs to happen.. “You know what you were getting into, when you let me get into you” lolol great cartoon…

  • Cap285

    “Mean spirited”?

    You regressives won’t be happy until you eventually ruin everything.

    Back to your safe space, wuss.