Movie Review: ‘Gods of Egypt’

  • You said, “A visually cluttered catastrophe of a film, featuring multiple action set pieces without even the vaguest semblance of a narrative.” I’m not here to argue that this was a good movie. But if you’re going to review something, don’t be as ignorant as the material you’re reviewing. The narrative is so simple and straight forward, clearly it must have gone right over your head dude. **God kills brother god & gouges his son’s eyes out (also a god) to steal the kingship… then with the help of a mortal, eyeless God get’s an eye back, makes a deal (he doesn’t intend to make good on) and then they attempt to re-take the thrown and succeed learning lessons about love and honor and blah blah blah all along the way. How could you miss this dude? Have you ever been bitten by a snake? One wonders. =)

    • Gary Shannon

      Funny, unlike you it seems, I can tell the difference between what a movie is trying to be and what the movie actually is. I guess the premise is straightforward, but if you actually watched the film and tried enjoying its simple story and found it constantly overshadowed by large action setpieces that played out as small, bombastic narratives in themselves, you would find that the film in itself wasn’t as interested in telling that stupid little story as it was in showing off bursts of visual spectacle. I didn’t miss anything dude, I just saw this trite for what it was.