Movie Review: ‘Risen’

  • LenaAFoster

    Tired message? You are 21. It shows. Lousy review and poorly written.. the movie was fantastic. Yet another whiny face critic upset Jesus is in a movie about finding Jesus…the public is loving this movie…why? It is beautiful…

    • KC

      @Lena – Mean People Suck. Ironic considering you are religious, but not suprising as the most judgemental are religious.
      @Gary – Nicely written young man, a fair and honest review. Don’t take offense from someone religious as they only see one side.

      • Gary Shannon

        Thanks for the feedback guys. Any negativity here is just an occupational hazard, I don’t let it get to me, I’d be the wrong one for the job if I did.

        • LenaAFoster

          Well, you find comfort with other atheists? I bet you loved writing that Jesus message and Christianity is a tired message there sport. Occupationmovie critic? Funny. ?

          • KC

            I love that bumper sticker, “Jesus, save me from your followers”. You are a great example, Lena.

          • Will Fraser

            He doesn’t have to love writing it’s a “tired message”, Lena. It’s 100% true and it’s obvious you can’t handle this fact

    • Wow. That’s harsh. I thought the review was pretty balanced and upbeat about the film. And the reviewer is right – the way the message is presented in most “Christian” films is pretty tired. It’s nice to see that some Christian filmmakers have tried to make a proper movie, first and foremost.

      And as to the reviewer’s age, don’t forget 1 Timothy 4:12…

    • Will Fraser

      I’m sorry, but looking through this person’s comment history, Lena has ranted obsessively like a lunatic in every article she or he had come across. And it’s like Lena doesn’t have any sort of reading comprehension. The review states this movie was good. But of course religious zealots can’t handle any sort of criticism or skepticism over their beliefs.

      “Lousy review and poorly written.” Nice job backing up this claim with any sort of evidence.

      “Tired message?” Yes, it is. Multiple movies just over the past few years have been released glorifying Christianity without any sort of respect for any belief outside their worship.

      God’s Not Dead
      Left Behind
      Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas
      War Room
      Heaven is for Real
      Son of God
      Moms’ Night Out
      War Room
      Finding Normal

      And you’d also need to have a bibliography for the amount of Jesus Christ related films that’s been released. How many times do Christian’s want to be reminded constantly that Jesus was great, magical, and powerful?

      • KC

        +10 for Will, -10 for religious nuts

      • Firefly

        Well, I won’t argue that there are many poorly-made Christian movies. But do you honestly expect your average Christian movie to somehow promote acceptance of another religion? According to the author, it “fails” cos of its Christian leanings… really? It’s “biased” cos of its leaning towards faith… really? What else did he expect? What next? I guess then Zoolander 2 is fails because it focuses too much on fashion, or maybe Deadpool fails cos of its bias towards being foul-mouthed instead of traditional and clean? Sure, if that’s your opinion, that’s your opinion. But you can hardly fault a movie for being about what it’s about – it never claims to be anything otherwise. In that same vein, the message isn’t “tired”, it’s one that the author just doesn’t seem to care for (ironically, he accuses the movie of being biased, when he himself is very biased), and that actually does make this poorly written.

        • Gary Shannon

          You seem to have misquoted me. You put quotations on the word ‘fail’ as if I had actually used it in my review. I did not.

          Also, I said its Christian-leanings works against the film, and for me they did. A film can be pro-Christian, I’ve never had an issue with that, but if the movie attempts to paint a character ambiguously, it certainly doesn’t work with using religious scripture as a framework as that’s fairly a BIASED code.

          You also never once mentioned my criticisms in the appropriate context, you think every complaint I’ve made is against the film’s religious foundation, and clearly it’s not. I critique narrative structure and character development, and that’s it.

          Also the point you made with Zoolander and Deadpool is ridiculous, you seem to look at movies and reviews as entities defined by presupposed titles, nothing’s that simple,
          including my review which you have completely misinterpreted.

        • Will Fraser

          “that actually does make this poorly written.”

          Why? Because you can’t handle the fact that your religion is inevitably preachy? A reviewer isn’t biased when he calls out a film for being didactic and shoving its faith toward the audience (a movie unproven in a historical context I might add). This review is being honest. Juding by your previous comments, you seem merely upset that your religion is being challenged. So what? Your religion isn’t untouchable as it once perceived to be.