TV Review: Outlander 1×15 – “Wentworth Prison”

  • D R Allen

    Gabrielle, what an EXCELLENT review! I am a long-time fan of Dr. G’s, and have been dreading watching this episode ever since it was announced that Starz was handling the production! :-P (cowardly (unlike you), I’m not planning on watching ep15 until ep16 is also available).

    I REALLY regret that I didn’t run across you and your reviews until ep15 had already been aired. I’ve gone back, read them all, and have enjoyed the insight you’ve shown in ALL of them :-)

    [NOTE: there ARE a couple of boo-boos, though. Is it too late for you to go back and fix Ms. Duncan’s name? She’s GEILLIS (not GELLIS) and it’s a little jarring for a long-time fan like myself to see it misspelled in ALL of your reviews]
    [NOTE 2: If you (as co-founder of this site) would answer this “netiquette” question – would it be appropriate for me to add my reactions to your past articles? I provide a VERY different viewpoint as (besides being a male Outlander fan) I am from one of the old Scottish families (the Allens are a sept of the Clan Donald) in which every generation (for the past 300 years) has provided one or more officers to the military. One of the MANY reasons I prize this series of books is the sympathetic understanding Diana Gabaldon shows of the military culture (that so many authors don’t). But – I wouldn’t want to alter the “flavour” of your website’s past comments w/out your consent.
    [NOTE 3: Notes 1 – 3 will be deleted (via DISQUS) on your reply – I’d just as soon not be guilty of cluttering up your comment section w/questions :-) ] -Dave-

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your enthusiastic comment. I’m happy you’ve enjoyed my reviews. I can’t believe I’ve been misspelling Geillis’ name incorrectly all of this time. Thank you for pointing that out. I will fix those mistakes once I get a chance.

      Please feel free to comment on past reviews. Thanks again! – Gabrielle

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