Sundance continues uphill climb to nowhere with ‘The Free World,’ ‘Wild’ and ‘Ali and Nino’

  • JimBridger

    I saw “Wild” tonight at the Tower Theater, and liked its fresh originality very much. Poor Josh, you know how to string lots of words together, but you have no idea what you are talking about. You suffer from general naivete and a paucity of imagination.

    Dogs are domesticated wolves. It’s very interesting to entertain the reversal of that process, where wolves rewild us. This is especially the case in a world that you younguns will sadly inherit if you don’t wake up and put your gadgets aside – a world bereft of anything wild, a world where all that was once interesting and challenging is now merely “virtual” and you are all so boringly cool with it. I pity you.

    • Mike Field

      Although, I haven’t seen the movie yet, I agree that you need to keep an open mind to all art forms and not be so narrow minded. My wife and I are going to see Ali & Nino tomorrow night. First time at Sundance for both of us, so nonetheless we will have a good time.. Hell I’m no film maker but I do appreciate art and different aspects to film.

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