TV Review: Lucifer – “Pops”

  • 123Geoff

    There have been an interesting number of events that have received little recognition on the show. Last night Lucifer carries Chloe from the burning building with a black sack over her face. My thinking is that he is the clear commander of the flames and can easily cause them to part when he walks through but he does not want Chloe to see him do that, hence the sack. The slight burn on the elbow was probably intentional for the benefit of Chloe. Or perhaps when the man was to jump from the building in a previous episode he makes an astonishing appearance next to the man where it is mere seconds earlier he was by the side of Chloe… must have traveled at the speed of thought. It does not appear that anyone can harm him that he does not give permission… As such if and when he is going to be shot by someone he would not grant permission, I consider it highly likely that he will be unharmed and he will have to explain to Chloe that he has only been telling part of the truth. It should be an amazing revelation to Chloe when that occurs.

  • Jiří Hofer

    Tom Ellis keeping this show alive. It’s still the same with no progress at all. Makes me sad.