TV Review: AMC’s The Walking Dead (6×04) “Here’s Not Here”

  • April

    I loved every single minute of this episode! I agree with absolutely every single thing you said about it. But I was go further….I think this is one of the top 3 best episodes they’ve ever done. Not once did it feel (for me) like it had gone on for 90 minutes. I love that even after all of this time I feel myself being drawn in anew to this world and these characters. Also hugely agree with an Emmy nod being deserved here!!

    • DrZeek

      If I had to put a list together, this episode would probably wind up in at least the top ten.

  • Kim Henrichs

    Loved this episode!!

  • ZomTom

    Emmy nomination for John Carroll hopefully. He hit his role out of the park. Subtlety, empathy, and with an understated performance that is as opposite a Shatner-esque ( a la Star Trek) soliloquy as this episode—that for pure pathos—puts it in the top five of the entire series so far IMHO. Bravo!