TV Review: New Girl 5×07 “Wig”

  • VV

    You have some solid points but still I found the episode really good. I think this episode was like a transition episode, which means, it was not highly focused on any continuous SLs. Therefore, I found the episode weak SL wise in respective of previous 6 ones, however I enjoyed the episode as much as I enjoyed the first 6 episodes as well. I laughed a lot. I rewatched it too many times already. I digress complaining because I really enjoy the season so far and what they are trying to do is still promising imo. My problem with guest star arcs is that if they are not recurring stars why do I have to invest in their stories at all? Because then they diminish abruptly (Ryan for instance). In that sense, I’d like to see more of Reagan’s affect on our characters and not our lofties’ affect on her. However, as I mentioned before I am enjoying the season and Jess-less episodes so much. Can’t wait for Tuesdays now :)

    • Alana Jane Chase

      Thanks for your lovely response! I definitely agree. The storylines within this episode were noticeably weaker, which is my biggest gripe considering how incredibly well they held up in previous episodes. Upon re-watching, I enjoyed and appreciated the humor more. Re: your comment on guest star arcs — totally! It’s even more frustrating when you *do* invest in their stories and their relationships with each character, only to have them disappear with little or underwhelming/unsatisfying explanation. I think Reagan has potential to be an exception to the guest star dilemma, there’s just some kinks to work out as her storyline progresses.

      That being said, this season has been so wonderful! This episode is the only one thus far that I’ve had particular issues with; I’ve been nothing but thrilled with all others. I’ll be back with a combined review of 5×08 and 5×09 next week, March 2nd.