TV Review: Stitchers – “Pretty Little Lawyers”

  • CamstenCupcake

    This was an amazing episode! I loved all the reveals! And the Camsten moments were as good as always, I still love them SO much!
    I never expected that Cameron’s dad was in jail. I would love to learn more about Cameron’s parents. Sounds like an interesting backstory! Cameron is such a cutie for thinking he had to explain it all to Kirsten. Of course he doesn’t have too, everyone can see Cam’s a really, really, really good guy! <3 Adorable.
    Kirsten has a half-sister: Ivy Brown. I hope Ivy doesn't have contact with Stinger anymore and if/when Kirsten meets her, she's able to help her find him. I'd love to see what Kirsten could have in common with her half-sister. I really don't want Ivy to be shady.
    Until I read it in your review, I haven't even thought about if the sister reveal is even true. I really hope it is, cause Kirsten really doesn't need even more drama in her life.
    Liam was such an a**hole when Kirsten caught him and Camille. Ugh. I secretly hope Kirsten doesn't have to "take Camille's place". It could also look suspicious to Liam, cause Kirsten clearly didn't like the situation at all. I wanna know who Liam is working for. Cause I don't think Liam has learned anything usefull from being with Camille. Camille's been carefull about everything she told Liam, which is a really good thing. I hope Liam will back off as soon as possible!!!
    For next week, I also wanna see what Linus' dad was up to. Maybe Linus' dad is sick? That would be so sad!
    I liked Nina in that one scene she had, and I would also love for Nina to be a main character (without being involved with Cameron). But I'm secretly also really interesting in seeing how their relationship could end towards the end of the season. Will Nina begin to suspect something about Cameron's job? And about Kirsten? How will Nina react? How will Cameron react? How will Kirsten react? I'm excited to see this play out, but like I said: Nina's a great character. I think she's a good person and I really hope (and think) she's not shady.

  • Dean Vukovic

    God episode but I didn’t like that Liam is working for her Dad, what would that really accomplish and now she has a sister as well complicates things a lot. They are trying to make her Dad evil, but nobody knows his real story why did he left her and never come back and that boy in her mind is probably her dad showing in the image of the boy and why is he hiding himself and did he really had anything to do with dead of ed and why would he do things like that to his best friend with who he left his daughter and where is he now. I would like them to bring actor from season 1 who was acting as her dad and bring her real father more stories about him so we can find out really about him what is his story and is he good father or bad. Is her dad protecting his daughter and it looks like that when that boy is showing in her mind or is he afraid someone is going to kill his daughter to get to him, is he working at some top level maybe he is even CEO of all of them. Writers needs to do better things…