TV Review: Wayward Pines 2×01 “Enemy Lines”

  • bob dean

    It seems, with this show, they are making a new type of series where the characters are either killed off in an episode or die climactically at the end of each season. Maybe they are doing this in a way that seems callus, but thats just them fumbling for the right way to do this that’s not too disappointing. If anything, they should have made the son and mom disappear and reappear as a plot-twist, easter egg, cameo. I agree that their deaths should have been handled more carefully. I’ve found, though, new interest in the new moral dilemmas they’ve been putting in the show. Many have never been presented to a pg13 audience. If you’ve been keeping up, you will have noticed an interesting dynamic between Dr. Theo and the queen abby. In the latest scene, she is with a huge horde of her goblin elk and are about to storm into the compound. I hope you don’t miss the next episode!