TV Review: Younger 3×04 “A Night at the Opera”

If there’s something that I love about Darren Star and his team of writers, is that he always touches important topics or moments that happen in relationships yet aren’t openly discussed. He’s able to do it with a touch of…

TV Review: Younger 2×07 “Into the Woods & Out of the Woods”

This week’s Younger was funny as always but really served as a gateway for the story lines that are developing for this season. Not one of the best episodes, but nonetheless satisfying enough. At work, Charles is going to be…

TV Review: Younger 1×05 “Girl Code”

Welcome back to our weekly review and recap of Younger. To catch up on previous coverage, click here. Eliza has been settling in nicely into her 26-year-old life. Things are going great after she officially becomes part of Kelsey’s inner…

From EW: ‘Younger’ 1×04 “The Exes” Recap

After an opening montage full of Josh, sex, and bed-breaking, Liza is on cloud nine when she strolls back into Maggie’s apartment on tonight’s episode of Younger.

From EW: ‘Younger’ 1×03 “IRL” Recap

This week’s episode of Younger is about confidence, not attributing your self-worth to age, possessions, or anything else that doesn’t truly define who you are. Liza and Josh’s relationship is heating up, and it’s making Liza very nervous.

From EW: ‘Younger’ Series Premiere Recap

While its themes suit the network and its style reminiscent of past sitcoms, Younger does not feel like a rerun at all. It holds its own with a charming cast of characters, sophisticated and smart writing, and great style.