TV Review: ‘Empire’ Season 2 Finale

We’ve finally reached the ending folks. Previous season coverage can be found here. Mind you, there’s a whole other upcoming season this fall, but for now we get the break we deserve. After a long, endless season the climax has finally been bestowed upon us and it was a doozy to say the least.

Empire: Season 2, Episode 17 Recap

By the end of “Rise by Sin,” audience members were finally given the moment to decompress after a dramatic, disheartening, and chaotic episode. But, audience members may also be used to that.

Empire Recap: The Lyon, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This week’s episode entitled “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf,” arrived just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday. The evolving plot line of Lucious’s mother remained an integral part of the show as we continue to drag our feet towards the finish line of season two.

5 most important moments from Empire season two, episode 15

We’re coming to the final stretch of Empire’s second season, which may I remind you, started in September. After a long-winded first half in the fall, and the second half in the spring, there’s been a lot to keep track of.

TV Review: Empire Season 2, Episode 13

It’s hard to go back to the very first episode of Empire and think about how far the show has come; in terms of numbers, story lines, actors, guest starts, etc. due to the absolute roller coaster the show has become.

TV Recap: Empire (2×12) “A Rose by Any Other Name”

And we’re back with an even bigger bang . . . well, let’s make that two.

TV Review: Empire (2×11) “Death Will Have His Day”

Nothing comes between Lucious and his throne as CEO. It’s chilling, disturbing, and the most beaten to the ground plot point Empire uses. Spare us, Lee Daniels.