STAR Season 3 Finale Review: “When the Levee Breaks”

How did STAR get canceled after that cliffhanger?! The injustice! Literally, many of the characters’ lives are hanging in the balance after that wedding massacre and now we’ll never know what happens. The production studio is trying to shop STAR…

STAR Season 3 Premiere Review: “Secrets & Lies”

As the wise Kristin Cavallari once said on The Hills, “Drama, drama, drama!” The season three premiere of STAR proved that not all drama can easily be swept under the rug. Picking up months after Star abandoned Take 3 for…

TV Review: Empire 3×02 “Sin That Amends”

The madness of the music world continues with the latest episode of Empire. After a modest start, episode two picks up with each character continuing to fight their own battles. Lucious tries to get Cookie in his corner, Jamal tries…

TV Review: Empire 3×01 “Light in Darkness”

Storming onto the television scene less than two years ago, Empire became one of the biggest breakout hits in quite some time. It took audiences by storm, being one of the few shows in which the first season saw increased…

TV Review: ‘Empire’ Season 2 Finale

We’ve finally reached the ending folks. Previous season coverage can be found here. Mind you, there’s a whole other upcoming season this fall, but for now we get the break we deserve. After a long, endless season the climax has finally been bestowed upon us and it was a doozy to say the least.

Empire: Season 2, Episode 17 Recap

By the end of “Rise by Sin,” audience members were finally given the moment to decompress after a dramatic, disheartening, and chaotic episode. But, audience members may also be used to that.

Empire Recap: The Lyon, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This week’s episode entitled “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf,” arrived just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday. The evolving plot line of Lucious’s mother remained an integral part of the show as we continue to drag our feet towards the finish line of season two.