The End of ‘Jane the Virgin’ and its Impact on the Latinx Community

As The CW aired the final episode of its hit show Jane the Virgin, it proved to be a good time to look back on the legacy of the series for the Latinx community and how it captivated viewers from…

Jane the Virgin 4×02 Review: “Chapter Sixty-Six”

Jane the Virgin jumped right in this week and so there’s a lot to dissect in terms of characters and their development. “Chapter Sixty-Six” pitted the characters against their alter-egos and each person had a moment where they showed another side…

Jane the Virgin 4×01 Review: “Chapter Sixty-Five”

After a mediocre third season, Jane the Virgin is back more heartwarming, stronger, and funnier than ever. With the inclusion of Adam (Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey), Jane’s first love, and a new narrator to add to the storytelling, the show is entering…

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Three”

Sometimes Jane the Virgin is hard to watch – not in a bad way. I mean that in more of a “too much secondhand embarrassment to feel in the span of an hour” way.

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Two”

It was all relative last night on Jane the Virgin. As our favorite and all-knowing narrator reminded us this week, “hardship isn’t a competition.” It’s something that’s very easy to forget when having a bad day.

Jane the Virgin Review: Midseason Premiere – “Chapter Thirty-One”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that… Jane and I have the same basketball skills—or lack thereof. What leads Jane to go one-on-one with a college basketball star who goes by McBaskets? Let’s break down the winter premiere of Jane the Virgin.

TV Review: Jane the Virgin Winter Finale – “Chapter Thirty”

Welcome back to The Young Folks’ Jane the Virgin Season 2 coverage! Click here to read our previous coverage of the series. Jane is told by her smart (and super attractive) advisor that sometimes you need to break the rules to…