TYF Music Crash Course: The Legacy of the First Trans Rock’n’Roller

In recent years the pop cultural landscape has been shifting to a point where it is becoming more accessible for queer people in the digital age to tell their own stories through art. But if you think that this is…

TYF Music Crash Course: Rozz Williams, Christian Death, and the Origins of Goth Rock

When the 80s rolled around, and punk was starting to pass its commercial peak, post-punk and goth rock bands in the US were starting to emerge in popularity.

TYF Music Crash Course: What Is and Isn’t Emo?

How do you define emo, and what does that genre label even mean?

TYF Music Crash Course: IDM

Since the popularization of the synthesizer around the mid ‘70s, electronic or “digital” dance music has been incredibly relevant. Whether it was made more subtle, through new wave, or obvious, through synth-pop, the increase in technology brought a whole new…

TYF Music Crash Course: Math Rock

Welcome to the first installment of our new music feature Music Crash Course, in which we highlight musical genres, movements, time periods, record labels, and scenes that are important to the history of popular music. In our first installment, Hunter…