For Your Consideration: One Day at a Time

In the era of nostalgia and TV and film reboots, One Day at a Time has been a refreshing and timely re-imagining of the 1975 sitcom with a Cuban-American family and the everyday struggles they face at the center of…

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Three”

Sometimes Jane the Virgin is hard to watch – not in a bad way. I mean that in more of a “too much secondhand embarrassment to feel in the span of an hour” way.

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Two”

It was all relative last night on Jane the Virgin. As our favorite and all-knowing narrator reminded us this week, “hardship isn’t a competition.” It’s something that’s very easy to forget when having a bad day.

Jane the Virgin Review: Midseason Premiere – “Chapter Thirty-One”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that… Jane and I have the same basketball skills—or lack thereof. What leads Jane to go one-on-one with a college basketball star who goes by McBaskets? Let’s break down the winter premiere of Jane the Virgin.