Movie Review: The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan is a film wherein the protagonist has an extended philosophical conversation with her seamstress – a character who appears in only one scene – about God, His will, faith, and religion. It’s a film whose closing shot reflects its opening shot in a breathtaking way. It’s a film that consistently defied my expectations and predictions. It’s a film that has the plot of a 90s romantic comedy but the weight and assurance of a Coen Brothers’ classic. As far as I’m concerned, Burshtein has cemented a status not only as one of Israel’s most important auteurs but as a filmmaker international audiences should have their eyes on.

Tribeca 2017: The Wedding Plan

Perhaps that great American poet Jim Jarmusch put it best when he said: “Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with [a] raincoat on.” No matter the effort, subtle cultural nuances are inevitably lost during translation. These go beyond…