Jane the Virgin 4×02 Review: “Chapter Sixty-Six”

Jane the Virgin jumped right in this week and so there’s a lot to dissect in terms of characters and their development. “Chapter Sixty-Six” pitted the characters against their alter-egos and each person had a moment where they showed another side…

Jane the Virgin 4×01 Review: “Chapter Sixty-Five”

After a mediocre third season, Jane the Virgin is back more heartwarming, stronger, and funnier than ever. With the inclusion of Adam (Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey), Jane’s first love, and a new narrator to add to the storytelling, the show is entering…

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Three”

Sometimes Jane the Virgin is hard to watch – not in a bad way. I mean that in more of a “too much secondhand embarrassment to feel in the span of an hour” way.

Jane the Virgin Review: “Chapter Thirty-Two”

It was all relative last night on Jane the Virgin. As our favorite and all-knowing narrator reminded us this week, “hardship isn’t a competition.” It’s something that’s very easy to forget when having a bad day.

Movie Review: ‘Jeruzalem’

I only ask three things from found footage films. 1)  Give a plausible reason why the main character would be recording the events of the film. 2)  Allow a plausible explanation for how the footage was recovered. 3)  If you…

Jane the Virgin Review: Midseason Premiere – “Chapter Thirty-One”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that… Jane and I have the same basketball skills—or lack thereof. What leads Jane to go one-on-one with a college basketball star who goes by McBaskets? Let’s break down the winter premiere of Jane the Virgin.

TV Review: Jane the Virgin Winter Finale – “Chapter Thirty”

Welcome back to The Young Folks’ Jane the Virgin Season 2 coverage! Click here to read our previous coverage of the series. Jane is told by her smart (and super attractive) advisor that sometimes you need to break the rules to…